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good evening. i'm dan ashley. it has been nearly four full days now since a fishing boat went down in mexico's sea of cortez p but family members are still holding out hope that missing family members will be foundcy live. here are pictures of six of the
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seven men unaccounted for. they were among four dozen men mostly from california who were onboard the boat when it cap sized in an unexpected storm on sunday. one man is confirmed dead so far. heather ishimaru is in the newsroom with the latest. the family dies did get some encouraging news from oh today. >> families of the missing men have been promised the search and rescue operation will go on beyond the standard 7 hours. 76 hours. yi and the mexican embassy say it will go on indefinitely. an embassy spokesman said tonight that mexican and u.s. authorities would continue to evaluate the situation day to day. yi says there is evidence from past boating accidents in the sea of cortez that people can survive past 96 hours. this afternoon the brother of
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one of the missing recounted what a survivor told him about spotting the waves and warning the rest of the sleeping men. >> he was on the top deck when he heard noise and saw a big wave coming and ran down to the cabin and woke everybody up. by the time everybody came out they were already in nine feet of water. there should be a tremendous chance of opportunity to survive past the 96 hours. that is how we got them to sin continue to search. >> reporter: there is continued confusion about whether the fishing boat captain was arrested today. families say they hear he was for operating without a license and that he was warned the night before not to go out. the mexican embassy, however, says it has no confirmation that that is true. yi says he has a meeting with the mexican consultate tomorrow to firm up the agreements on continuing the search.
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in the newsroom, heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. major changes coming to the oakland police department. complete overhaul is underway. the chief announced a top to bottom reorganization as a way to stretch a tight budget. as cecilia vega reports, residents will notice the changes. >> there will be more officers in high crime east oakland and more walking the beat but fewer motorcycle traffic cops. in fact, there won't be any. >> we wanted to build a organization to get that under control and put owl o all of or resources to get bang for the buck. >> reporter: if it sounds like the oakland police chief is bar gain shopping, in a way he is by trying to figure out a way to get more out of the police force with less money and fewer officers. a complete top to bottom department reorganization begins to take effect this weekend and oakland residents will see a difference.
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>> more efficient organization. more effective organization. >> not everyone is convinced all of the changes are for the better. the elimination of the entire motorcycle force means already overburdened patrol officers in cars will now respond to all traffic calls. >> i think the community will see an effect quickly given the tact that traffic is such a huge entity in the city. >> all homicides, searches for fugitives will fall under the umbrella of a major crimes unit. officers who now specialize in individual crimes will be trained to investigation all major crimes. the chief says theyville a few focus. >> dealing with homicides and violent crime. >> one cht most violent cities in the country now has just 636 officers on the force. police expect that number to drop even more and for crime to go up this summer. >> oakland cops have always done more with less. we have done more than anybody
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else. we have lost a quarter to a third of our department in numbers and we are down to bare bone. >> reporter: many of the changes take effect as soon as this saturday. others kick in starting in august. reporting in oakland, cecilia vega, abc 7 news. an 83-year-old woman has died after being hit by a teenager on a skateboard. she was crossing the street when she was hit and knocked to the ground. the skateboarder was going about 15 miles an hour. he was not hurt. police did not arrest him. they did notify his parents of course, and detectives are investigating exactly what happened and why. a marine corps helicopter crashed at camp pendleton. one person is dead. the five other members onboard are hospitalized. their conditions have not been released that the point. the chopper went down around noon on the sprawling base along the northern san diego county coastline known as a yankie hewie and attached to the third marine aircraft wing. >> america's gay troops serving anywhere in the world will no
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longer be subjected to don't ask don't tell. a u.s. appeals court ordered the government to immediately stop enforceing that ban. the story tonight from abc 7's carolyn tie. this means that i served during wartime. >> reporter: zoe dunning was a rare case of a gu gay service member serving openly. dunning stood next to president obama last december when signed into law a repeal of the policy but it has still been on the books. dunning believe's today's court order sends a message to the defense department to get moving. >> also gratifying when the courts see the injustice of the law and that is treats
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americans differently and it it is unconstitutional. it goes against american values. >> the pentagon released a statement today saying we will, of course, comply with orders of the court and are taking immediate steps to inform the field of this order. and says certification is just weeks away. meantime, dunning says gays and less byians in the military are still being discharged he when their sexuality is discovered. >> now, with today's ruling people can breathe easier knowing at least today i'm safe. >> reporter: the pentagon statement seems to indicate there won't be an appeal. but dunning and other activities are cautioning gay troops to not immediately come out. they say it is better to wait until the pentagon certification process is complete and this policy is oh fksly off the books. in fran at the u.s. court of appeals, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. one more note about the armed services. president obama announced today that he will send condolence letters to families of service
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members who commit suicide while in the combat zone. that reverses a long standing government policy. in a written statement president obama said this is an emotional, painful and complicated issue but these americans served our nation bravely. they didn't die because they are weak he goes on. the fact that they didn't get the help they needed must change. end of the statement from president obama on this. airport security is expected to tighten especially for international flights into the united states. that is because of recent intelligence that terrorists may be considering boarding flights with surgically implanted explosive devices, bombs. brian ross on the new warning out today. >> reporter: the reports of so-called belly bombs has led to an urgent alerlt for increased scrutiny of passengers heading to the u.s. who appear to have had recent surgery. >> al-qaeda has been working for a year on the eye tee of implanting bombs sleurlly inside human beings and may by
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now actually have done that. >> the tsa is warning tha warne surgically implanted bombs are careerly designed to get around most current airport screening machines. >> we are treating the information seriously and sharing it as a precautionary matter with our foreign counter parts. >> reporter: medical experts say there is plenty of room in the stomach area to hide a packet of ex-plo explosives the of a grapefruit. >> the surgeon would literally plant the explosive device in and mong amongst the internal organs. >> reporter: u.s. oh faikses say the implanted belly bombs are the latest demands from the master pommaker. he is seen here from the back hugging his own brother who he sent on a see which side -- the bomb ex-ploaded prematurely,
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smairing the saudi prince. asiri also believed to have been the mastermind with a plot against a pass tber yet and a plot against fed ex cargo plane with bombs hidden in frinter cart ridges. >> seems to be fixated on bizarre way of making bombs that he could slip into the united states. >> that is brian ross reporting. a tbrizly bear kills a hiker at yellowstone national park. the first fatal bare mauling in decades. that story is coming up. >> long-term care insurance that won't pay up. i'm spencer christian. we have been promising and prop missing and now we are delivering. it is all in my accuweather forecast, coming up. a break in the case of the purloined picass 0678d.
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the sockless
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a couple's hike along a pop popular trail at yellowstone they stumbled about a mother bear and her cubs. >> they heard the cries for help and called 911 which summoned rangers. this is the first time that there has been a bear-caused human fatality in yellowstone in 25 years. >> by the time park rangers arrived the man was already mauled to death. park officials are not saying where the couple is from but say there will be no effort to trap the bear because it was a defensive attack. again, it was protecting its
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young. major developments in the theft of a valuable painting from a san francisco gallery. surveillance video shows the suspected thief in action. there he is walking down the street with a picasso drawing worth about $200,000. it was swiped right off the gallery wall during business hours. don sanchez with the the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: this is most likely the suspect according to san francisco police. he certainly matches the description of the man who got away with the picasso drawing right down to the loafers without socks and the frame under his arm is the same size as the stolen art. it is from a camera outside lefty o'doull's. the own are says it took him only ten minutes to find video of the man. >> the time frame was at 11:40 the call was made. this was at 1:35 or something that the girl from the gallery is in the video ten seconds
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later looking around 230r him. police say the video could lead to the suspect's capture and return of the glart it does help out a lot. any type of video is helpful to try to make an identity on the suspect still out there running around with this art piece. >> reporter: the drawing is picasso's drawing done in 1965. it is about 8 by 10 and worth at least $200,000. in a bold and brazen move the suspect walked in before and took the work off a pillar and headed out. he went where cabs are usually liend up and took off. investigators have interviewed the cab driver and they are impounding what they call the getaway vehicle. >> part of the investigation process is going to be reviewing the surveillance videos so see if it captured additional footage of the suspect. >> reporter: the question remains what can any one p do with such a valuable and
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recognizable piece of art? >> can't sell it. >> reporter: no one in the legitimate art world would touch it and can't be sold on the street. if you recognize that suspect or know anything about the drawing call the san francisco police department. don sanchez, abc 7 news. move on to the weather forecast. spencer christian is here and talking cooling. >> talking about it all weekend long and final lit temperatures in the upper 90s to around 100 are disappearing. >> excellent. >> a live view from the high definition east bay camera looking towards the western sky. you can see the glow after the setting sun and just a few u little puffs of low clouds moving in across the bay. we do have fog at the coast that has been there throughout the day. the triple play this afternoon as you see on the satellite closeup. fog at the coast, heat inland and thunderstorms it in the sierra. a line of powerful thunderstorms up and down the
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sierra mott range. the thunderstorms have gone away. right now back in the bay area, calm conditions. clear skies. some fog at the coast. recommends ranging from 55 degrees at san francisco and half moon bay to 78-79 at concord. 82 at antioch, the hot spot for several days and several evenings now. >> we will have mild conditions overnight. eases up in the inland areas tomorrow and cooler conditions area wide by the weekend. overnight thont with a little fog at the coast and some of it drifting inland, low themes from the mid 50s. this is the third or fourth consecutive night. shows winds slowing from a center of high pressure off shore to a center of low pressure inland. the sea breeze is getting breezier day by day. as we get stronger the cooling influence will be greater and we will start to feel it
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inland. tomorrow morning, some fog and start to burn back to the coastline and settle into the pattern we have even all week long. fopg at the coast. sunny skies inland. 60s near the coast to 70s around the bay to 80s to low 90s in areas where we have seen upper 90s to low hundreds. skies sunny. high temperatures 72 clairs. on the peninsula. 7 are a degrees. upper 50s to just above 60 on the coast. san francisco, a high of 65 degrees tomorrow. in the north bay, highs of 84 at se sonoma. 95 at ukiah. losing my voice i'm so thrilled with the weather. in the east bay, highs mainly in the 70s. upper 70s at castro 1r58ly and union city.
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7 degrees at watsonville. 89 inland at gilroy and 91 morgan hill. no more 90s after saturday. maybe up to about 90 it will land on saturday. that is about as warm as it will get inland. after saturday, mid 80s inland. mid 70s along the bay and 58 to 60 along the coast. much cooler weather our way and after that we will be asking for a warm-up and we will never get it. >> we are are never satisfactioned rks aren't we. that story from nickel finney as we continue. this is no fish tail. we will show you a little known historic spot right in san francisco. and remembering an artist whose deceptively simpleú
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the state senate health committee approved a bill for health insurance rates. right now they can only give their opinion. supporters say that rates toor high. o poe nents say that lower premiums could mean less healthcare. >> we have had 10, 20, 30, 40, sometimes as high as 90% rate hikes year after year here in california. >> less resources to pay for e.r. rooms for physicians. >> the bill still needs approval from the full senate before it would go to the governor. >> when it comes to planning for old age many people consider buying long-term care insurance to cover the cost of nursing homes for care givers. do the policies actually pay off? 7 on your side's michael finney
9:23 pm
with a cautionary tale. >> jack and beverly joe suffered 55 years of marriage before jack suffered a sphroak that left him disabled. the couple planned for old age, purchasing this long-term care insurance policy back in 1996. >> for piece of mind really. >> the premiums were expensive, reaching $534 per month. but beverly figured now it would finally pay off. she contacted the carrier, senior health insurance of pennsylvania and received this statement of covered services. it allowed a home health nurse at $20 per hour up to the policy's maximum of $100 per day. >> and insistd that i get a licensed nurse or registered nurse you cannot just hire your cousin. >> reporter: everything seemed to go as planned until she filed her claim. >> we can't pay her that much because she is not a registered nurse. i said you asked for a registered nurse so i gave you
9:24 pm
a registered nurse. >> the company's statement said beverly exceeded the daily maximum of $100 per day. beverly says not true. it is the company refusing to pay the maximum. for this claim for 30 days the maximum benefit would be $3,000 but the company paid just $2,250. for this 16 day period it is $1,600. the company paid just $825. >> that is when i called 7 on jur side. >> we contacted receiveor health insurance of pennsylvania. it declined to discuss the case because of privacy rules. however, shortly after we called, beverly received some good news. >> called me and says you will send a check for such and such. i said that was fast. >> the company reimbursed beverly $1,025 and later went even further, claims that had
9:25 pm
been denied because of a restriction in the policy. the company says ship does not pay unwarranted claims but formally review each denial before it is finalized to be sure the appropriate decision was made. we found that canseco was fined half a billion dollars back in 49ers by then of california insurance commissioner for imbror denial and delay of benefits. senior health insurance of pennsylvania tells 7 on your side it has since severed ties and now operates awnd trust. its mission is to use its policyonly to support olive holder obligations. beverly says they paid $70,000 in premiums over the past sec kade and used only about 5,000 before benefits. >> a the a nursing home.
9:26 pm
>> in march. >> reporter: if you are considering berm care insurance insurance for yourself or a hoivedded one. i posted lirvegs on i'm michael fin finney, 7 on r side. >> the art world a mourning. talk he once worked as a corpus cryptologist. he died at his home in italy. he was 83 years old but leaves behind some remarkable work. >> when abc 7 news at 9:00 continues here tonight,
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tough talk from president obama. >> the debt ceiling should not be something that is used as a gun against the heads of the american people. >> the president uses his twitter town hall to call out congress and one representative in particular. it is usually students we hear about who dheet o cheat on test tonight more than 150 teachers are caught changing students answers. we'll have that story. plus, a missing tourist is found alive. how she ended up stuck in a ravine for 18 days. and a local space shuttle buff who fre tweeted himself rt into history. another half hour of
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geenchts. a look at the headlines we are following yo for you tonight. oakland police chief announced a reorganization of his force tonight. it includes eliminating specialized units by the motorcycle squad. officers move from the disbanded units to patrol units. that includes putting more officers in crime plagued east oakland. the 9th u.s. circuit court today ordered the u.s. armed forces to stop discharging openly gay people from the mill tawrry. it means that don't ask don't tell can no longer be enforced. and a search for 7 men who quent missing when a fishing boat went down in the sea of cortez is being expanded now. it has been nearly four days since the boat cap sized in an unexpected storm with four dozen men onboard, mawnly from northern california.
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so far one man confirmed dead. we will move next to a cheating scandal in georgia. at least 178 teachers across 44 schools in atlanta were caught changing their students' test scores. how they can d. i did it and w. >> across atlanta today the families of of the 50,000 students enrolled in public schools here early individual. in a gigantic 800-page report from the state, 178 teachers and administrators from 44 public schools were caught changing answers on standardized tests. 28 of the flat out drk 82 of the teachers flat out confessed they have been cheating for nearly a decade. >> that is the end of that. >> i'm going to georgia. the university of georgia in the fall and really makes me think are by scores genuine.
9:32 pm
>> teachers and principals were erasing the wrong answers and filling in the right ones. in a single year, scores at the school jumped 45%. >> we were told that we needed to get the scores by any means necessary and we were told that our jobs were on the line. >> everyone here is pointing the finger at no child left behind the federal policy that made test scores thing. this kormer superintendent is accused the enaging the cheating and received thousands of dollars in bonuses. the school district is now firing all implicated teachers and administrators. school starts in a month and they have now got plenty of work ahead. climbers this morning discovered a 48-year-old dutch mother of two nearly three weeks after she set off on a
9:33 pm
hike during a holiday in spain. maryann gossens was found in a ravine. she had fallen in a hole while hiking in the mountains. she was able to move and get water from a nearby spring. hikers found her near the river. they did not have the equipment to rescue her so left her food until they could call for a helicopter to come help. doctors say she is weak and dehydrated but is okay after all of those days alone. president obama has conducted town hall meetings through facebook, through youtube and new through twitter. twitter's jack dorsey moderated the session. thousands of questions poured in coming in 140 characters or less, of course. here is jake tapper with more on the president president's eo beyond mainstream media to reach the public. >> it was twin citieser's first
9:34 pm
presidential town hall meeting. >> i will make history as the first president to live tweet. >> president obama is not particularly known for breivity so posed something fo of a challenge. >> it is only 140 characters. >> he opted to speak instead of type with the white house aide paraphrasing his answers. of the 25,000 admitted most focused on the job the economy and the budget. >> one would have been to explain to the american people that it was going to take this. for us to get out of and i take responsibility for that. >> house speaker joh john boehr had one of his questions picked. hear than -- this is a slighty
9:35 pm
skewed question. what is right is that we have not seen fast enough job growth released la toiive it threlati. >> reporter: the president also used some of his toughest language yet, saying debt ceiling should not be used as a gun against the heads of american people to extract tax breaks for corporate jet owners and oil and gas companies. the president will feet on thursday morning to talk about the deficit negotiations. >> nasa has chosen 150 people to document friday's final space shuttle launch on twitter. anthony wright on davis is one of them. hours before he won, wright bought tickets to go to the launch and now his wife and
9:36 pm
lirn will be able to -- a lifetime. a moment. >> 5500 twitter contestants competed for a seat at the final launch. the shuttle at lan tition is scheduled to pift off on final warning. >> mark zuckerberg unvilled his new company. 750 million people now use facebook and share 4 billion things a day like status updates, photos and links. zucker berzuckerberg explainedy could install. >> even if he hasn't installed the plugin to do video chat, i can go and call him and something will pop up on his screen saying that mark is calling him and in real time he
9:37 pm
can go and click that he wants to download the plugin and it takes 10 or 20 seconds and we are video chatting. it is awesome. >> a imreup chat will allow to you to create a group message to what the with 34u89 imnendzs. is information that will be protected under a new law. senate bill 445 is a hig libray privacy law. at a time when so many p other departments are cutting back, the alameda county fire department is actually welcoming nearly two dozen new u firefighters to its ranks including some people who are recently laid off from other
9:38 pm
departments. laura anthony reports from pleasanton. >> reporter: for most of the 23 fr dwrad waits the mock emergencies are a chance to show off for family and friends all they learned in sixteen weeks. represents a new w new bequinnn a career that recently rejected them. one of two firefighters that rnl among 49 laid off last summer from the san jose department. >> this is what i always wanted to do and so when i was laid off a piece of me faltered away. i really didn't have a section plan. >> jennifer: i know there are still many people tout there that are still clrnlging for jobs and i know how juive it is right now.
9:39 pm
alameda county is one that is actually growing in these tough commission times due in part to the department contracting with cities like newark and union i have. >> som of it it is timing. also we have been able to take on a number of new jurisdictions as part of the regional fire service model and by reducing the overhead around sairing the costs you are able to preserve the funding for the firefighters on the street. >> reporter: david also came from srnlg. he knows his new start here is ephoenixly fortunate given nearly 2,000 people applied for the quats. >> in a short amentd of time. >> the uniform may be different but the dream is the same. and very much alive.
9:40 pm
one of the most famous scenes from the good father movies. >> what the hell is in. >> to send you a message. >> tonight a different kind of goodfather. a local man who works with fish but not like you see in the movies scwarks i'll ex-palestinian coming up. 
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gas prices have been fall bug analysts say they may have hit bottom. prices fell 21 cents in the past month on average and they are 42 cents lower than the peak this year. market analysts say that gas may not get any cheaper during the summer as supplies are now leveling off with demand. on the subject of money the new york times reports that the number of dollar bills rolling off government presses has fall ton a low. the production of $5 bills dropped to a 30 year low last year and the treasury didn't print any new tens at all. it is not really a surprise. there are plenty of plais where you cannot use cash. think online shopping ort airline beverage cart. currency remains the best available technology for paying
9:44 pm
baby sitters or tipping bell hops and as many as half of all maul businesses will not accept plastic. and, of course, criminals prefer cash. whitey bulger who lived in santa monica for 50 years and was recently arrested paid in thousands ofhes thousands of dollars in his apartment calls. >> if you are looking for something different to do this weekend, dry the casting poles. an often overlooked historic spot? san francisco. >> across the street from the golden gate buffalo, just follow the signs to little slice of peace and fewty that sparkles like a gem. the angle's lodge and casting pools are a 1938 wpa project built for the golden gate angling and casting club.
9:45 pm
89-year-old armando wasn't here then but has been nor the last 350 years and new comes every day to keep watch at the entrance. he is known as the good father here. he says it hasn't changed much in the last three sec kades. the club started in 1933. >> they had a facility with a tiny platform where people could cast at the same time. >> the club later convinced the city to build the lodge and pond. >> you can see a lot of this was done by hand. >> inside the lodge are floor to seemg lookers filled with the stuch of fish stories. the club has 500 members but the ponds are also open to the public. >> relaxing. you know, it's being out in the open and listening to the birds, you know.
9:46 pm
>> reporter: the ponds are internationally known. one of the few urban places to practice and learn. >> some people prefer the fast rods. bends almost only in the tip. other people proceed -- prefer a rod that meets medium action and bends further down. >> national tournaments also put it on the map and yet many san franciscoians don't realize it is right here in their backyard. heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. the third time was the charm for south korea today. that story as we continue tonight. plus, new video of the dust storm that i tell ya, i work a long day, every day.
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olympics. the koreans had lost two previous bids for the 2010 and 2014 olympics. they will be the first city in asia outside of japan to host a winter games. and they were thrilled there as you can imagine. well, the cleanup continues tonight after a wall of dust blew across arizona. take a look. that is not fog. this is dust or clouds. dust. this time lapsed video shows last night's dust stomple. storm. it was more than a mile wide high and 100 miles wide. it stopped flights and knocked out power for thousands and caked cars with dirt. dust storms are common in arizona but rarely are they as strong as the one yesterday. all right, spencer christian is back with our forecast. that was one of the most amazing pictures we have seen in awhile and now good days for the car wash business. >> that is for sure. not a good day for car washes
9:51 pm
around lake tahoe today. a time lapse view of clouds of a different sort. big, dark, threatening looking thunderstorms around the area today. storms in the region yesterday and again today. more powerful storms today mast. , as a matter of fact. highs of 99 degrees at antioch. 98 several locations. concord, liver more and morgan hill. in the 80s around the bay. 70s and 80s. and 67 here in san francisco. tomorrow highs up to about 920 in the warmest inland locations in the east bay. above 90 in the far north bay locations. 70s to 80s around the bay. 60s on the coast. across the state, hot down through the interor sections and hot in the desert. we will have cooling coming our way finally at a week's end. through the weekend and into early next week inland highs only in the 80s. 70s around the bay and about 60 on the coast. beautiful weather. >> excellent, perfect. thank you, spencer, very much.
9:52 pm
on to mike shumann and good baseball game. >> good -- a couple of good baseball games. the a's finally get a few runs to support the pitching staff and get a win. what a concept. the g men struggling against the padres for the third straight night dea homerun fro
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, fran taxi drivers threat and one day strike. the issues that will keep a lot of people from hailing a cab. and a violent storm on saturn.
9:55 pm
you can see it in the image from nasa and tonight you will hear it. those stories and more in one hour on abc 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. back here, shu is here with baseball tonight. >> the giants, the torture continues. how could a team like the padres who are 7 games under 500 dominate the national league west leading giants at home. two straight wins. san diego going nor the hat trick tonight at at&t park. the kids new where buster posey was tonight. missing his bat and his glove these days. ryan rudd wig. bartlett scores. headley on his heels. going to be a play at the plate. he's safe. 2-0 padres. nate sitting on a 3-1 fastball deep to right. off the fair ball. even the camera lost it in the fading sun light. makes it 4-3. in the sixth, johnson so center
9:56 pm
off baumgartner. not gook looking good. sandoval riding a 16 game hit streak. coming in. make it 17. he thought it was gone. torres scores and crawford behind him to tie the game at five. that is the score right now, in the 10th inning. complete highlights tonight at 11:00. the a's salvage the finale of a three game-set with seattle, finally getting a couple of hits even though it was from one guy. sizemore takes vargas out of the yard. third of the season she. a 1-0 lead. guillermo maybe the best game of his career. 7 shutout innings and five ks. gives up just two hits. seattle hitters baffled all afternoon. pennington grounds one up the middle. pennington ends up at second on the error. two batters later sizemore comes through again. base hit to center. scores pennington. 2-0 oakland. back to high heat in the 7th
9:57 pm
and fired up. joe. >> devine and bailey combine for two scoreless innings to keep the shutout intact. the a's win 2-0 and head to arlington to take on the rangers tomorrow. the 66th u.s. open gets underway tomorrow in koldz. one of the longest courses in their open history. former ple sawyepaula kramer ig champion. she has her eyes set on plenty more. won 11 pro victories but has not won this this year. >> i want to go out and win. this week it as little more special, our national championship. you want to play great and be there on sunday. but i want the trophy back in my house, that's for sure. >> good luck to paula. >> women's world cup action today. top seed usa facing sweden. both already advanced to the quarterfinals but the loser gets the always dangerous
9:58 pm
brazil. see is the 1-nil lead. 35th minute. sweden free kick this time. fisher gets help. sweden in front 2-rbgs-0. look again. bad luck for the usa. no chance. usa makes it a game in the 67th minute. corner kick from lauren cheney. abbey shoulders it in. then a golden opportunity for are a tie but kelly o'hara just off target. sweden beats the united states for the first time in world cup play. 2-1 your final. look at the movement on this thing. >> wow. >> 2-0 the final in so-cal. and stage five of the tour de france 102 miles and windy and a crash filled stage today.
9:59 pm
a defending champ part of this pileup. road rash for everyone. tosses the bike, give me a new one. that was not the only crash of the day. mickey sorenson clips a motor psych until front and goes sliding off the road. the tour continues and they will hit thal alps and gets a lot tough. it was pretty tough today. that is this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. stay connected 24/7 at for mike shumann and spencer christian and all of us here, thank you for watching. we appreciate your time as always. hope so see you in one hour over on the big 7. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.

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